Crystal Clear Guarantees

Best products at lowest prices

Low Price Pledge

We won’t make you shop for the lowest price. We do the homework and deliver products you are proud of at prices you won’t find anywhere else.

Crystal Clear delivers the best products available. We won't compromise quality, and we won't make you compromise your wallet. Accept our challenge to find a better deal.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

Crystal Clear guarantee’s your satisfaction with your on-line project proofs. If you choose to cancel a project prior to approval of your proofs then we will refund any deposit made on your project.

Rest assured that if your finished project does not match your proofs, within commercially accepted standards, we will replace your product at no additional charge to you. In addition, all products we manufacture or print are guaranteed against defects in quality and workmanship. If any of our products is found to be defective in quality, we will replace or repair the defective product at no additional charge to you.

You can see further details and conditions relating to our Satisfaction Guarantee by reviewing our Terms and Conditions.

Guaranteed turn times or you get paid

Guaranteed Turn Times

We guarantee your order will be ready to ship in the production time you selected. We're so sure of it, we will give you $20 for every day past the deadline - up to $100! Production time begins the day after your project has been approved by you and reviewed by Crystal Clear. For more details, contact your project adviser.

10% post-consumer materials

100% Recycled Board Stock

We use 10% post-consumer recycled materials to make up our durable, 15-point board stock.

Rock star customer service

Rock Star Service

When it's time to make a significant purchase, you look for an expert, and you avoid an agenda. You want a professional—someone with working knowledge of the investment you're about to make. Years ago, we realized that to be the best, we needed to give each client access to the professionals that were producing their order.

Our Project Advisers are not salespeople disguised as customer service. They're involved with every aspect of your project, and they have an average of 10 plus years of experience in the industry.

Insured shipping. Always

Insured Shipping

If your project is damaged in shipment, you can relax knowing that we will immediately begin the process to replace it. We'll need help from you, but together we can work through the process quickly and efficiently. We will also work with the shipping company on your behalf to make a claim for the loss, but—in order for a claim to be made—you must show the damage on the shipping documents when you receive your order from the shipping company. We'll ship your new project as soon as it is ready, so that your replacement product will be in your hands ASAP.

No hidden fees

Up Front Pricing

When we give you a price, we mean it!
We don't charge you set-up fees, we don't have hidden costs, and you won't have to dig into your wallet for last-minute surprises.

No Extra Charge For Over Runs

We don't believe in charging you more if we produce more items than you order. If we happen to, we'll just give you the extras. No over run charges means you don't have to pay for product that you don't order. All orders subject to 10% under run, but you'll only be charged for the actual quantities shipped up to your order amount. Prices do not include shipping & handling or sales tax if applicable. Ask your CSR for details.