Crystal Clear CD Design Services

How many times have you ordered your food based on how appetizing the picture on the menu—or dish on the tray passing by—looked? Or picked up a book or magazine because the cover image caught your eye? Or thought about asking out that cute girl from the coffee shop, despite knowing practically nothing about her?

We know we shouldn't judge books, food, or people by their covers, but we do so—subconsciously and on a regular basis. Since something or someone's visual appearance is often our first, and sometimes our only, impression of it or them, we begin forming our opinions based on that appearance.

The same goes for your music. Those who aren't familiar with your music and don't know you only have your artwork to base their initial opinion on. You don't want to package your music—the same music you've spent long, meticulous hours writing, perfecting, and recording—in a way that fails to catch the public's eye. You don't want your album artwork to turn people away or not take you and your music seriously. Instead, you want to carefully consider how your music is presented. Good, effective design is important to the success of your project.

While many of our customers are able to design their own artwork, or have a graphic designer that they've worked with before who can do so for them, we understand that not every musician wants or is able to design their own artwork. For these artists, we're happy to offer the services of our dedicated, experienced design team.

Crystal Clear's Design Department is committed to creating your designs in a way that conveys your band's image, sets you apart from other bands, and draws fans to your project. We can work with submitted materials—photos, logos, artwork, or copy—or start from scratch. Either way, the finished product will be high-quality, creative, and designed entirely and exclusively for your project.

The Process

If you're interested in having our design team create your artwork, here is the process your project will go through.

1. When ordering your product, check the "Add Design" box under the product's Extra Features. When your cart has everything you need, proceed to check out.
2. Once your order has been placed, you will receive a Welcome to Design email from our design team, complete with an explanation of the process.
3. Your assigned designer will then contact you about your project. This is your chance to mention any concepts or images you have for the artwork.
4. Our designers will then take your submitted materials—concept, text, photographs, or logo—and create a professional, high-quality, unique design.
5. When the design is ready to be reviewed, your designer will notify you that your digital proof is ready for approval. If any changes are needed, this is your chance to make them.
6. Once the design is approved, your project moves into production.

A Note About Design Services

Our designers take pride in the work they do and want to produce an excellent product for you. However, we've found that it is best to provide some clarification on what is included.

We are happy to use any original artwork or photography that you have access to and the rights to use. Artwork should be high-resolution (300 dpi) and the same dimensions it will be on the final product (or larger).

If you do not have original artwork, stock photography and images will be used. Please do not worry that the use of stock images will detract from the originality of your project; we will do our best, as always, to make your artwork unique and customized to your project. There are many websites that provide stock photography; some do so for free, while others charge for their images. Some of our sources that we use for stock photos, illustrations, and vector art include Fotolia, Graphic Stock, and Morgue File. We do not create commissioned artwork or photographs, nor can we pull images off of random websites or search engine results.

If you have further questions, please ask your assigned designer for clarification.