I'm having trouble using the site. What can I do?
I'm having trouble using the Master Uploader Application.
I'm having trouble using the Artwork Uploader.
How do I create an account? Why should I do so? Will I be spammed?
I can't access my account. What should I do?
Master Submission
What is the difference between disc duplication and replication? Which should I order?
What do I need to submit for a disc duplication/replication project?
If I send a physical disc for my master, do you copy my disc exactly as I send it?
What is the audio time limit on CDs and DVDs?
Will my disc be able to play in all players?
Will my track titles show up when my disc is inserted in a player?
Will my music report back to SoundScan? Do I need a UPC or ISRC for this?
What are my paper options?
What are my finishing options? What does "aqueous coating" mean?
What are my disc face options?
How do I place an order?
What forms of payments do you accept?
Do you accept international orders? Or ship internationally?
What are your shipping costs and options?
Are there minimum quantities on product orders?
How long is production time? Is there a way to decrease it?
Can you start production on my part of my order and let me send the rest later?
If I order greater quantities will I receive discounted pricing?
Will I be charged before I approve my project?
Can Crystal Clear CD design my artwork? How much does that cost?
Can I design my own artwork? Do you offer templates?
What are the most common problems with client-designed jobs?
Does Crystal Clear CD offer proofs?
Will the color on my proof match the final printed piece?
If I use the same artwork on my disc face as the printed insert, will the color match?
Do I need a barcode?
What resolution and file format is best for uploaded artwork?
Why is the turn time for vinyl so long?
Are there options to get vinyl for my project sooner?
Is vinyl mastering the same as digital or CD?
Vinyl Mastering
What is the max length for vinyl?